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Global Patients Experience Distinctive Care

Dishler Laser Institute welcomes patients from around the world seeking Dr. Jon Dishler's renowned LASIK expertise. With a global reputation, Dr. Dishler's pioneering work attracts those willing to travel long distances for exceptional care. Satisfied patients, locally and internationally, attest to his expertise through word-of-mouth referrals.

Best LASIK Eye Surgery

Discover the best LASIK eye surgery in Denver, Colorado, with Dishler Laser Institute's commitment to accessibility and convenience. Through our LASIK Co-Management Network, we partner with hand-picked optometrists not only in Colorado and neighboring states including Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas.

National LASIK Network

Our collaborative approach ensures that patients receive pre-operative and post-operative care from trusted local optometrists, while Dr. Dishler performs LASIK surgery in Colorado. This means you no longer have to travel to receive comprehensive care, making the entire process more accessible.

Contact us to see what doctors we work with within your area.

Tailored LASIK Care

Whether you're coming from nearby states or across the country, Dishler Laser Institute understands the significance of your decision. Our devoted team ensures a safe, smooth, and convenient experience from consultation to surgery and recovery. Patients from Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, and beyond benefit from our national network, making LASIK care tailored, accessible, and closer to home.

Nearby Accommodations

Enhance your stay in our beautiful state with convenient accommodations. Request recommendations for hotels close to Dishler Laser Institute to optimize your surgical experience and accessibility.

Cost & Financing Options

At Dishler Laser Institute, your vision's affordability is as important to us as its clarity. We're on a mission to make clear, sharp vision achievable for all. With various laser eye surgery financing options, including a LASIK surgery payment plan, we ensure financial concerns don't hinder your path to perfect vision. Many patients have shared their initial hesitation due to cost concerns, but our commitment to accessible care allows you to move forward without delays. We accept certified and cashier's checks and major forms of credit card, including:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Flex Spending/FSA
  • HSA
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Care Credit Financing Solutions

Dr. Dishler is delighted to provide CareCredit financing solutions for your surgical needs. Finance 100% of your surgery with no upfront payment, penalties, or pre-payment fees. The application is quick, confidential, and boasts a 98% approval rate, ensuring affordability for almost every patient. Benefit from zero-percent interest payment plans and easy qualification. Contact us for LASIK financing questions, and our staff will gladly assist you. Utilize CareCredit's Pay My Provider for convenient online payments to Dr. Dishler, taking advantage of special financing options to gradually reduce your payments. Experience financial ease with CareCredit – all the convenience, with no extra fees. Check your eligibility for CareCredit today.

Flexible LASIK Financing

Explore LASIK surgery payment plans at Dishler Laser Institute without affecting your credit. Are you wondering if your vision insurance covers LASIK costs? Contact our team to assess your eligibility for surgery at our Denver LASIK office. Our financing process ensures a seamless experience with no impact on your credit. Call us today to discover more about flexible LASIK financing options tailored to your needs.

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