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The Dishler Method: Pioneering All-Laser LASIK

The Dishler Laser Institute technology methods signify a leap into the future of LASIK. In 2001, Dr. Dishler pioneered All-Laser LASIK in Colorado, utilizing the Femtosecond laser (IntraLase®) for corneal flap creation, setting new standards for safety and precision. Driven by a commitment to progress, he continued to elevate refractive surgery beyond the limitations of conventional methods.

Innovative Bladeless LASIK with Zeiss VisuMax® FS

In 2007, Dr. Dishler took the lead as a principal investigator in FDA trials for Zeiss VisuMax® femtosecond and MEL 80 excimer lasers. A pioneering achievement followed in 2017 and 2018, marking him as the first in the U.S. to perform SMILE procedures for myopia and astigmatism post-FDA approval. His commitment to innovation extends to training physicians on Zeiss® femtosecond and excimer laser systems, including Zeiss VisuMax® FS—a cutting-edge, bladeless technology for corneal flap creation, introduced at Dishler Laser Institute in 2007.

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Advantages of Bladeless LASIK with VisuMax®

Similar to other bladeless LASIK technologies, the VisuMax® FS laser, under precise computer control, crafts ultra-thin, accurate corneal flaps. This enhances safety, expanding eligibility for patients who might not qualify for LASIK with a traditional blade. The procedure ensures each flap is meticulously tailored to the eye contour, seamlessly fitting back into place, resulting in a consistently effective and low-risk outcome.

Carl Zeiss VisuMax: Setting LASIK Standards

Significantly, the VisuMax® FS is the sole femtosecond laser integrating a curved interface in corneal flap creation. This unique design enables patients to maintain continuous visibility during the procedure, enhancing the precision of the bladeless LASIK flap creation by ensuring consistent focus throughout treatment.

The Carl Zeiss VisuMax is our standard in all LASIK procedures, incurring no additional charges.

Zeiss VisuMax Femtosecond Laser:

  • The Highest Speed (500 Khz) Among Femtosecond Lasers Ensures Fast, Accurate, and Comfortable Procedures.
  • Features a Patented Curved Applanation Cone, Matching the Natural Corneal Shape for Distortion-Free Flap Creation, Maintaining Vision Clarity.
  • Applies Minimal Eye Pressure for Enhanced Comfort and Reduced Stress During Surgery.
  • Creates a Customized Flap, Accounting for Individual Corneal Shape and Thickness Differences.
  • Reversed Beveled Flap Edges Promote More Vital Healing and Minimize Complications.
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Zeiss MEL 80™: Revolutionizing Excimer Laser Technology

Introducing the Zeiss MEL 80™, our cutting-edge excimer laser system, in tandem with the VisuMax® FS flap laser. These technologies signify the forefront of refractive surgery advancements. Developed by Karl Zeiss Meditec, a venerable optics company, the MEL 80™ and VisuMax® FS provide a revolutionary bladeless LASIK option for our laser vision correction patients across Colorado, including Denver, Boulder, Littleton, Arvada, and beyond.

Experience the pinnacle of bladeless LASIK technology with Dr. Jon Dishler's commitment to providing unparalleled laser vision correction options. Our Zeiss MEL 80™ excimer laser, a fourth-generation marvel from esteemed medical laser manufacturer Karl Zeiss Meditec, is meticulously tuned for custom LASIK through advanced wavefront mapping. This enables Dr. Dishler to exercise unmatched precision, tailoring each LASIK procedure to address specific higher-order aberrations for an individualized approach to laser vision correction.

PrecisePulse™ Technology in Zeiss MEL 80™ Laser

Experience the epitome of laser precision with the MEL 80™, featuring revolutionary PrecisePulse™ Technology. This cutting-edge system provides optimal control over every laser burst, ensuring unparalleled accuracy, safety, and reliability throughout the procedure. With the Zeiss MEL 80™ laser's exceptional speed, taking seconds to treat each eye, our bladeless LASIK patients benefit from reduced laser exposure, minimizing the risk of errors and potential side effects like dry eyes.

Superior Results with Zeiss MEL 80™ Laser

Witness superior vision correction outcomes with the Zeiss MEL 80™ excimer laser. Achieving remarkable precision and speed, our bladeless LASIK patients in Denver, CO, and nearby areas benefit from outstanding results. Clinical studies reveal that over 90% achieve 20/20 visual acuity or better, while more than 40% achieve an exceptional 20/12.5 visual acuity – surpassing the clarity attained with even top prescription lenses. Moreover, the Zeiss MEL 80™ excimer laser, designed to address minute corneal surface aberrations, reduces LASIK risks, ensuring optimal vision, particularly in challenging conditions like nighttime driving with reduced halos and starbursts.

Allegretto Wave Excimer Laser: Tailored LASIK Solutions

Experience unparalleled precision with the Allegretto Wave Excimer Laser at the Dishler Laser Institute. Embracing individual corneal differences, our wavefront LASIK procedure tailors to the unique contours, correcting subtle irregularities for optimal vision. Utilizing advanced technology, we begin by analyzing the corneal surface with the Zywave Orbscan™ II diagnostic imaging system, creating a detailed three-dimensional map. Subsequently, our ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q laser system, meticulously designed for accurate wavefront LASIK, reshapes the cornea under computer control. This ensures extreme precision, minimizing post-surgical complications and enhancing overall results.

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PerfectPulse Technology™: Advancing LASIK Safety

Unlock the future of laser vision correction with PERFECTPULSE TECHNOLOGY™, seamlessly integrated into the ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Laser Eye-Q wavefront LASIK system. This innovative technology tracks eye movement rapidly, intelligently controlling laser energy for a precisely tuned treatment system throughout the procedure. The outcome is a swifter, safer, and more accurate treatment experience.

Experience a new realm of vision clarity and sharpness with wavefront LASIK, showcasing its ability to deliver dramatic results. Clinical testing reveals that nearly every patient enjoys superior vision without glasses compared to their pre-treatment state. Most achieve 20/16 vision or better, benefiting from enhanced vision in challenging conditions like bright light and nighttime driving.

Clearer, Sharper Vision with Allegretto Wave® Eye-Q LASIK

Choose the cutting-edge ALLEGRETTO WAVE® Eye-Q laser system for wavefront LASIK, elevating the standards of laser vision correction. Boasting an exceptional safety record and minimal serious complications, this customized LASIK procedure in Denver, CO, is an excellent option for eligible patients seeking optimal visual outcomes.

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